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JESUS' DIVERS. Divers that belong to Jesus.

JESUS said "I am the way... to the Father." (John14:6)

Keep our President in prayer.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that our country will continue to "Bless" Isreal so we may also be blessed and not cursed.
Pray that the devices of the enemy against this country continue to be exposed.

Continue to Pray for our troops in where ever they are. Keep all our service men and women in prayer. Pray that they will be protected and drawn closer to their Heavenly Father even during this time. Pray that they will not be easily led astray while they are far away from home, many for the first time.

I don't know a lot of Christian divers. It must be because of divers temptations. That is, the temptation to go diving on Sunday instead of going to church.

A little about what I believe:
God sent His only begotten son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. That, compared to God, we all are sinners. That we need the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from all our sins. That if we repent of our sins and receive Jesus as our savior He will forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I also think that if God can't be there when we need Him the most, what good is He. But, He can be, and He is. On top of that the Blble says His strength is made perfect in weakness. So, the less able we are, the more able He is. I feel that it's wonderful that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. I also feel that it's fabulous that He's coming back for us again some day (soon). But, NOW is when I need Him the most. So, I also believe that God's Word has practical applications for our everyday lives. And, everyday He proves it to me.

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Now a little about my scuba diving. I was originaly certified OW 1 under NAUI through Atlantic Divers, The Serious Wreck Divers Choice, in Egg Habor Twp. NJ. Gene Peters, the owner, has been on the Andrea Doria with Gary Gentile, and has been responsible for locating and identifying many new wrecks off the Jersey coast. Check out my link to Atlantic Divers homepage for more information. I also had PSA Advanced Deep Diving Level I (100') and Level II (130') at Hal Watts Forty Fathom Grotto (see my links). My Level II course was conducted by Mr. Scuba (PSA 1) himself. My last training was PADI NITROX taken at Dive Outpost (see the links) with William Anzueto (the founder of E-Divers, see the links). I took the NITROX class while my wife, Joan, was getting her certification there. The closer springs were a little dark so we spent 4 days at Ginnie Springs. Great diving. I currently have about 140 dives. A lot of those have been in cold water and low vis. I used to get in the water as much as possible and I did't care where or when. Probably my best dive was in Homestead Crater, Utah (see links). At least it was the most comfortable. It was 94 degrees, fresh water, no wet suit, and no weights. All I could think was, wake me up when my air gets low.

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Jesus, Don't Go Below Without Him, bumper sticker
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Crosses I've made
Crosses I made by hand. Click here to check it out and learn more

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